Eat Well. Live Well.  

We are Foodies: together, sharing, tasting, enjoying, relentlessly improving and creating. That's us. Our passion for food is unrivalled, we go that extra step and beyond when it comes to ingredients and cooking, choosing locally sourced and only ever cooking in small batches to ensure the best methods, not the fastest. Our table is for sharing, bustling with life and always room for one more. Because when we eat well, we live well.



To spread a love, an obsession and a true passion for food.

What is Dish?

Passionately handmade meals for an indulgent night of home cooked food. Not just consumed, but adored and savoured. We are generous in our portions.


How do we make our food?

We are uncompromising with our ingredients, values and quality. Providing a generous, indulgent meal for people who desire restaurant quality food. Choosing locally sourced ingredients. Uncompromising on recipes and cooking methods. We cook in small batches. It takes longer because it's worth it. We don't cut corners and we care about what goes into the food we create.